Friday Find ~ Luggage Scale

JoeFresh Luggage Scale


The girls and I just got home from LA and I have to say that we had a bit of anxiety at check in at the airport.  Our airline had a weight restriction of 40 pounds per bag….the girls had done a lot of back to school shopping and we knew our bags were dangerous close…ok, most likely over the weight guideline!  As we placed each bag on the scale at check in, I was busy chatting up the airline employee hoping she might show mercy if we were over.  We were all over by a pound or two, but the lovely lady at the counter pretended she didn’t even notice.  Whew!!!  Ok, so  Laurel has traveled for years with a luggage scale and I guess I’ve thought it was just one more thing to worry about.  But after this trip I know who’s the smarter of the two of least on this front!

JoeFresh now has a line of very reasonably priced travel accessories….shoe bags, luggage tags, toiletry bottles, travel speakers, passport wallets, luggage handles, laundry bags and yes…..luggage scales!  Their electronic scale is $24 which is well worth it considering airlines often charge $50 or more for an overweight bag!

It’s super easy to weigh your bags…how many times at home have I tried to balance my bag on the scale in the bathroom and have one of the kids try to call out the digital reading that’s covered by the bag but disappears when you take it off the scale?  Seriously….we’ve done this more than once!  With the luggage scale, you simply put the strap from the scale through the handle on your luggage and lift up by the scale and it gives you a read out!  Nice!!!  Enough stressing….I’m gettin’ me one!