Roasted Veggie Salad

veg and salad

What could be better than roasted veggies and a fresh green salad?? Just add some barbecued chicken and you’re ready for a barbecue with your friends!


It’s BBQ season….my fave time of year for making meals!! Recently our friends invited us up to their lake house for the day and asked if I could bring some sort of veggie dish for dinner. We all love going up to their place and there was going to be a group of 17 of us, so I knew that I needed to bring lots of veg and wanted something easy so I wasn’t spending time cooking and missing out on visiting!

So, I decided to make a room temperature roasted veggie dish. Dylan and I prepped the veggies the night before…grape tomatoes, brussel sprouts, purple cabbage, bell peppers and asparagus.  I then roasted them in the morning separately to keep their individual flavors intact.   (Especially make sure you roast the tomatoes in their own container as the roasting process releases a lot of juices.)  I then stored them in the fridge in separate containers and just pulled them out about a half an hour before serving to bring them to room temp. I plated them and dressed them with a light dressing!


veg prep

Veggies are washed and cut. Just put a wee bit of olive oil on, add some fresh ground sea salt and pepper. Mix up and roast!


Here’s what I really loved about this dish….the colors made it sooo appealing, the roasting brought out amazing flavors and it was super easy and healthy. Oh and one more thing…as we were serving the kids up, they kept asking for brussel sprouts….no joke! There wasn’t one left!


veg plated

Keep the veggies separated when serving…it really looks sooo pretty!


You can view the recipe that I used from Diethood (click here).  Instead of using honey in the dressing, I used a bit of agave.  But honestly, you don’t really even need the dressing.  Also, you can serve the roasted veggies hot too!  This  pairs perfectly with most anything you might grill up!  Enjoy…guilt free!


veg on fireplace