Friday Find ~ Crepe Batter Keeper

crepe pan


My kids LOVE crepes!  They seriously can’t seem to get enough!  And now that we are into summer and sleeping in, they ask for crepes for breaky almost every morning (they know the chances are slim-to-none on a normal school day!).  When I’ve doubled the batch (click here for recipe), there is sometimes some batter left.  I’ve tried to save it, but it seems to separate with the starch settling to the bottom of the bowl.  Solution??  Put the leftover batter in a shaker cup and put it in the fridge!!  You know the shaker cups that I’m talking about…the ones you use for protein shakes…or maybe you have a Tupperware one for salad dressing? So, for many of you, this little tip is free!  The next morning, just give the batter a good shake and you’re in business!!! Crepes two days in a row and you only had to make the batter once!  And the batter pours perfectly out of the shaker cup! Ok, maybe this is too simple to be a Friday Find, but I was pretty pleased with myself when I figured this out!  In fact, now I usually double the recipe so that I’m assured to have enough batter for two days! Yes…I’m definitely in lazy summer mode!


crepe keeper