Friday Find ~ Vaseline Minis!


I think Laurel will be pretty excited about this Friday Find! I love surprising her with some of the treasures that I find! Laurel is not shy of her love of Vaseline as her balm of choice!  So, when I found these cute little travel size packages of Vaseline Lip Therapy in both Original (Lo is an original girl) and Cocoa Butter (my choice), I knew she would be pretty thrilled.  Not only are these perfect for travel, they are just right for your purse! And you can afford to stock up at $1.97 each.  I found these gems at Walmart in the lip balm and toothpaste section.  I’ll be putting one in each of the girls dance bags and Mac’s hockey bag…nothing worse than red chapped clown lips!

Why are things that are little sooo cute??  Seriously, you won’t be able to resist!