Packing for Alt

If you haven’t gotten our drift from our posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, let me tell you just how excited we are to be heading off to Alt Summit on Wednesday:  YIPPEEE!!! Jumping up and down, singing David Bowie’s “Let Dance”… ok do you feel it? Pam and i are thrilled that we scored tickets to this event. For bloggers everywhere, Alt Summit  is the cats pajamas, if i do say so myself! They gather a multitude of creative, entrepreneurial  and successful bloggers/industry leaders in wintery Salt Lake City and then allow us 3 days  to learn all the tidbits we can. Pam and i have been going through the schedule and we aren’t sure how we are going to pick which sessions to go to. Paper, rock, scissors???

I’d be lying if i told you there weren’t some nerves in the picture. In a weird sort of way, it feels like a job interview. Everyone we come into contact with will be sizing us up..not in a bad judgy way, but more in a “do i think this is someone that i can relate with, would networking with this person be beneficial to my blog” sorta way. EEKS. No pressure. Unfotunately, you only get one chance to make a first impression. And so…i’ve tried to put some thought into my wardrobe.  Not in a shallow way..but truthfully, it’s going to be a full house, and  you want people to get an idea of your style and what your blog represents if no other way but their first glimpse of you.

And so, i have been slowly getting myself packed for Salt Lake. Design Crush posted a handy dandy packing/wardrobe schedule (click here). Really, i’m tired of overpacking..and then feeling like i have nothing to wear! This list has made packing seriously do-able and i’d recommend it to any of you getting ready to travel.

Here’s one of my day looks i’m bringing:


alt summit packing


I got some serious deals with this outfit!

Bottoms: The JCrew Cafe Wool Capri  was originally $148. Sale price right after Christmas? $24.49

Coat: JCrew Double Cloth Metro Coat was $378…sale $192.50  **do yourself a favour, never invest in a winter coat until right after Christmas.. i can’t swallow the big price tag, so i plan ahead for seasonal sales!

Top: BCBG Anderson Long Sheer Blouse – not on sale but i loved it and knew i’d wear it year round.

Shoes: Kate Spade Leslie Pump (no longer available). Reg $298…Sale: $117




They say one of the highlights of the conference is the themed party Alt throws. This years theme? It’s a CLUE party. Choose your character and go full out. i went for bold in Miss Scarlet bold.  I’ll admit i’m not a head to toe single color kinda gal, so this was a stretch for me, but it was fun to put this outfit together!

alt summit clue party

Dress: BCBG Lace Back Dress- $105…reg $298 (no longer available)

Bracelet: Nordstrom Station Enamel Bangle $25

Clutch: Banana Republic Diva Woven Clutch $52.. reg $120

Shoes: Louis Vuitton~gift.

Nailpolish: Essie “Snap Happy”

I can’t say i’ve ever been this organized, but i’m thinking there’s no turning back in the future:

Accessories? Check

alt summit packing accessories

Shoes? Yep

alt summit packingboots

Clothes? Ready to go!!

alt summit packing clothes

OK..I’m ready for Wednesday and am extremely happy i’m all packed. Looking forward to sharing our Alt Summit experience with y’all!