You Can’t Go Wrong with a Classic Winter Coat!

To all the guys out there who haven’t bought their significant others a Christmas gift yet….I’m throwing you a lifeline!!  Seven years ago…that’s right, seven, Jason bought me this coat from Aritzia (I told you he’s one of the best male shoppers out there!)…


Jason bought me this coat seven years ago and this is me wearing it today!

I hadn’t asked for it, so it was a complete surprise.  I have to say, this was seriously one of the best gifts ever!!  I have worn this coat to death, and the fabulous thing is I think it still looks great.  In fact, it’s still in style!!!  You can buy it today at Aritzia and it now comes in 5 different colors!  At $350, this is the gift that will keep on giving!


T. Babaton Bromley Wool Coat

The only change I can detect that has been made since I purchased my coat is that the buttons have been changed from silver to Italian brass.  You can chose from black, charcoal, camel, classic camel, and quill.

I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love to receive this coat.  I can’t tell you how often I have worn mine…it’s warm, classic, not too formal and not too casual and goes with pretty much everything.  But, guys, you have to act now! Click here to purchase this coat today, you can get free overnight shipping so you’ll have your package just in time for Christmas (see website for deets)! That’s right, you don’t even need to leave your house!  You’re welcome!


  • Naomi

    Hi, I wanted to know what your coat was made out of and what was the percentages of the materials used? I looked on the site and it seems depending on the color the materials used vary 70% Wool, 20% Polyester, 10% Cashmere and 70% Wool, 20% Nylon, 10% Camel. The main thing I am wondering is yours also 70% wool or was it more before. I would love to invest in this coat so I am doing as much research as I can. Thank you for reading this!

    • Pam

      Hi Naomi, my coat is made of 70% virgin wool, 15% cashmere and 15% polyamide. I hope that helps! Let me know if you purchase the coat and what color!! It’s such a great classic coat!!

      • Naomi

        Thanks for replying to me! I plan to purchase it in black (coat twins!) the only thing is that I will not be purchasing mine until next fall, since the weather where I live has been changing ( it’s like each day has been in its own season) and so I am happy in that it has been getting warmer. One last question I have is does it keep you warm and to what degrees?

      • Pam

        Hi Naomi, living on the west coast it doesn’t get too cold for too long, so I don’t know exactly to what temp it will keep you warm. I’d say from my experience with a scarf and gloves maybe minus ten celsius, but not for extended periods of time outside. How’s that for vague 🙂 Anyways, let us know when you buy a coat!!!

  • Tara


    Have you noticed any stretch in the coat over time? I’ve been contemplating purchasing this coat for almost two years now but my shoulders are broad and I’m large chested so it’s really snug in those two spots.

    Thanks 🙂