Friday Find ~ Boot Stretching at Aldo Shoes

It is definitely boot season. i still have my smoking loafers and ballet flats staring me in the eye, but i can’t bear cold or wet feet, so…on the shelves they will have to stay! Sniff sniff…

i do love my boots though…but finding a pair that fits just right can be tricky. A number of our readers have been sharing a common boot shopping frustration. You know when you find that perfect pair, you sit down to try them on excitedly can’t do the zipper up because they are made for people with non-existent calves. So frustrating!!

Well, here’s our Find of the week that we hope takes that shopping frustration and turns it into shopping ELATION!

Aldo now offers free boot stretching within their stores for those buying their boots at Aldo…say what? How great is that? You find the boot, they fit them to you. Love this service. They are able to stretch the foot, the calf and the heel…brilliant!

Here are some of our Aldo favourites:


the Tawana


the Shurr


the Aosta excuses!! Get yourself a great pair of boots that fit like a glove…Happy Friday!