Adventures in your own city ~ Vancouver

My sissy and dear friend planned a day for the 3 of us in Vancouver to celebrate my bday…and we enjoyed every moment! Take the time to explore your own turf…it was too much fun exploring, shopping and eating our way around town! I’d be willing celebrate more bdays and age quicker if it meant more days like this!

Gotta fuel up for the day…what better place to do that than Meinhardt’s on South Granville

a little visit to Anthropologie….sigh…

..there’s always time for a smashingly divine latte…and their paninis are worth every bite to boot.. Caffe Artigiano

Some of our stops…Sephora, JCrew, and Holts….where i did some “Louboutin gazing”..

End your day with a fabulous dinner… Pam chose one of our favourites: Chambar! Rob, the sommelier, treated our group to the private room next door and spoiled us by pairing wines for the dinner… it was a delight!!

The food? Well, let’s just say the pics don’t do it justice… i can’t go to Chambar without having their mussels and pommel frites… but i did have to sample the other dishes too…wow…they were all off the charts!

The desserts and drinks were the cherries on top…you need to order the Bellevue Hotel when you go…best drink i’ve ever had! And the cherry on top? Loved having our “Sugarplum Mum” join us for dinner…

Take the time and get to know your city…go off the beaten path…eat somewhere you haven’t before..and most of all, bring some friends to make the memories all the more special!