Laurel’s Fathers Day Picks

Pam gave you some great ideas for Father’s Day, but i just had to add my two bits! Here are some ideas i have had my eye on:

Laurel's Father Day Picks


I’ve tried to hit some of the “buzz” words that our guys tend to gravitate to:
the GOLFER ~ these Oakley shoes are the world’s lightest performance golf shoe out there. Apparently this is a good thing!! And the Garmin GPS watch has had Scott drooling..

the OUTDOORSMEN ~ i’ve been very intrigued by the Power Pot. The ability to generate electricity and charge your electronics whilst cooking seems to verge on my type of glamping…errr…camping! And nesting stainless wine glasses? c’mon, no brainer.

the TECHY ~ if any of your homes even slightly resemble mine, you’d know that the clutter of charging devices, plugs and cords make me a little squirrely. Two solutions that look good: vintage camera iPod/iPhone! And secondly, a charging station that will also house your man’s “stuff” know the handfuls they unload from their jacket pocket when they enter the house?

the WINE ENTHUSIAST ~ i’ve searched high and low for the best corkscrew out there…is it just ours that keep breaking?? Check out this one made by Peugot. It comes highly rated! And one of the more cool inventions i’ve come upon..the Corkcicle! Keep your wine chilled without the mess of melting ice…NICE!

the TRAVELLER ~ the Crumpled City Map caught my eye right away..a waterproof, indestructible map that won’t rip, fade or get soggy with water? Love it! And Scott has one of the hat travellers and really, one of the best gifts ever. He packs numerous hats in there on every trip and they come out looking exactly as they did pre-luggage! For your hat-lovin husbands, this is the pot of gold!!!

Hope i’ve inspired you to treat your husbands…i love when i can get Scott something that is worthy of him commenting “Rad”, “Sweet” or “Right On”..that’s about as excited as he gets!!