Caviar Manicure

I’ve gotta give credit to my hubby… he’s a super good sport at following me from store to store as i browse…read, scour…throughout. To boot, i’m a little ADD when it comes to shopping; it’s a little like “SQUIRREL!!” from the movie “Up” if you prefer a visual..ahh! Bottom line, i’m easily distracted and it is not uncommon for me be looking intently at one item and then randomly dart to something else that’s caught my eye on the other side of the store. Thankfully, as long as Scott can find a couch to sit on, he’s pretty patient!! Now, Sephora doesn’t have a couch, but… it does have cologne Scott’s in there like a dirty shirt. I swear, every Sephora i’ve ever visited, he leaves having made a bunch of new BFF’s and smelling pretty fine…whatever, he’s kept busy while i take my time. And that’s essential when you’re in Sephora: TIME!! Our last visit was no different, except before Scott started hunting down the first Sephora-ite he can find, he spied a manicure set that he declared was to be an essential purchase. don’t have to ask me twice!!
After experimenting with it, i think he was right on. The Caviar Manicure by Ciaté is WAY cool. Three dimensional nails that were “feminine, indulgent and delicately extravagant” was the object for Ciaté’s Creative Director, Charlotte, when she came up with these beauties.

Set comes with a polish pot (your base), caviar pearls and the cutest mini funnel ever to corral all your stray pearls!

First paint your nails with a layer of the Ciaté Paint Pot shade

Next paint another coat of the Paint Pot nail at a time! After you have painted a nail, sprinkle the caviar pearls over top til covered. Do this over the tray that they provide to catch all strays.

After you have covered the nail with pearls, gently press down to "set" the pearls into the wet polish.

Let sit for about 15-20 minutes and then seal the pearls by painting ONLY the tips of your nails with top coat.

Looks stunning!!!

Let these nails act as your accessory for your outfit!

Ciaté Caviar Manicures are available at Sephora instore or online at Choose from one of three shades: Rainbow (shown above), Mother of Pearl or Black Pearls. $25

Mother of Pearl

Black Pearls