Mother’s Day Ideas

Two weeks today is Mother’s Day!!  I remember as a kid looking forward to celebrating my mom, but 13 years ago TODAY (yes, I have a teenager!) the day took on new meaning as I was a mom now too!  I’m not a very sentimental person, but my favorite  Mother’s Day treats have been the ones with meaning and I know that I enjoy giving my mom and Jason’s mom little things that are more about how I feel about them than monetary value.

Here’s a hint men….skip the cut flowers.  They are overpriced at this time of year and they don’t last long.  Instead of flowers, consider a bush that can be planted….maybe one that flowers around Mother’s Day like a lilac bush or a magnolia tree.  I know that one of the favorite things that Jason has ever done on Mother’s Day was to buy a bunch of herbs and plant them for me.  I’m NOT a gardener and don’t enjoy gardening, but I love having access to fresh basil, rosemary, thyme and sage in the summer.  Flower pots work great for this too!


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Another thing I have enjoyed as a mom is getting breakfast in bed….there have been some interesting combinations when the kids were really young, but you still feel so appreciated!


Breakfast in bed from the kids makes me feel so spoiled! They know what I like all too well!


If you would like to get your mom a little something, here are some ideas….none of these are big ticket items. Just special little things that she will use and love. They are meant to bring a smile to her face as she uses them and thinks of her kids!

Mother's Day Gfits


One of the biggest treats I enjoy on Mother’s Day is getting a rest from regular household duties! If you really want to spoil your mom (or men…your wife)  look after the laundry, tidy up and don’t make her cook!!! I don’t need to go for the traditional Mother’s Day brunch…lunch at Cactus Club or dinner at Brown’s Social House is great for me!