Color Blocking 101

One of the biggest trends this spring is color blocking. But what really is color blocking?? I have to admit that I’m loving all of the color this year and I’ve heard a lot about color blocking, but I couldn’t really tell you how to do it or what it is, so I researched it. Here’s what I found out!

“Color Blocking is combining different colors that support and compliment each other.”  from

I watched a quick video by Kitty Cohen  It is worth the 3 minutes and 23 seconds!!! I call this Color Blocking 101.

To be able to put Kitty’s tips into practice, here is a color wheel for reference!

Photo courtesy of

Some of you may have this memorized from elementary school, but for easy reference I saved this to my photos on my iPhone.


Here are some outfits created from separates that follow Kitty’s rules for color blocking using colors that are close to each other on the color wheel….

Color Blocking with Separates


Bottom line…you can create color blocked outfits from pieces in your closet that you probably never thought to put together. I’ve been experimenting with this lately….I tend to go too matchy-matchy, so I’ve been trying Kitty’s rules!

Coming soon…our fave color blocked pieces and accessories!