Travel Outfit!

So, you’re flying to a warm destination…what to wear??  Trust me, I’ve made many mistakes in the past.  Like the time I was flying alone with all three kids, the flight was delayed about 3 hours and all I was wearing was a cardi.  I didn’t have any blankets with me and the airline had none to offer.  We all four froze all the way home!  It’s a bit tricky when you’re flying from a colder climate to a warmer climate, but there are a few tricks…

1.  Wear a scarf that can double as a blanket.  Some with snaps like the one from Lululemon below can even be worn as a vest!

2.  Uggs are THE BEST for travelling.  They keep your feel warm and cosy, you don’t need to wear socks, and knit Uggs are easy to pack and lightweight.  Don’t forget to throw some socks in your carry on for walking through security, though.  And remember, NEVER buy Uggs at retail price in Canada.   They are a rip off….unless you find them at somewhere like MTF or Costco, then fill your boots…pardon the pun!

3.  I prefer a short sleeved tee under a wrap or jacket.  Often the plane can get very warm before take off, and it’s better to have a short sleeved shirt than just a tank if you feel your temp rising and you need to take off your jacket.

4.  Keep jewelry to a minimum!  Otherwise, you’ll be beeping though security!

5.  Don’t forget a great travel bag to hold everything you’ll need for the flight, including some flip flops for when you land!  Make sure it has enough room to accommodate your jacket when you get to your tropical locale!

Travel Outfit


Part of a well thought out travel outfit is a smartly packed carry on. Here’s what I pack in mine:

what's in your carry on??


Beyond the scarf, socks and flipflops that Pam talked about, I never step foot on a plane without:
~A bottle of water…the air on planes leaves you dehydrated so water is paramount (it also helps keep you cool, pre take-off)
~snack packs of nuts…these protein rich snacks will keep you away from spending lots of money on sub-par airplane snacks.
~mags…I’m a reader, so ’nuff said!
~my IPad…download your favorite book or movie and the time will literally “fly” by
~my Bose sound cancelling headphones…I wasn’t a believer until I tried them. They truly cancel all noise, making for easier sleeping or reading.
~lip balm…well, i’m never without it, so why would flying be any different?
~hand lotion…to combat the dry air…and to add a pleasant scent to my personal space!
~sunglasses…because i’m hopin wherever i get off this plane will be a whole lot sunnier than home!
~anti-bacterial wipes…for wiping down the tray table, hands or my Starbucks that spills EVERY time I bring it on a plane
~a woman’s survival kit…with 24 different tools to help the woman on the go. Items, such as a folding hair brush with mirror, hair spray, clear elastics, earring backs, emery board, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, mending kit, double-sided tape, lint remover, shoe shine wipes, stain remover, breath freshener, dental floss, pain reliever, deodorant wipes, tampon, adhesive bandages, facial tissues.
~passport holder…which also holds my accomodation & rental car info and foreign currency.

Once I’ve got all that packed into my Lululemon carry-on, I’m pretty sure I can handle most any flight, long or short!