Toss Cushions, the Best Way to Add Color and Pattern!

Recently, a client asked for some help to add some color to her townhome.  It had been recently built and the builder had used a lot of great, high quality finishes, but the space lacked color and character.  The walls are beige and the furnishings as largely beige and brown.

On a trip to HomeSense, my fave discount home accessory store, I put together three different color schemes of pillows that will work with my clients current furnishing, but just add some color, some pattern….they will bring the space to life!!  I make myself at home at HomeSense, no pun intended, and I start pulling cushions for the shelves and arranging them together on the ground to see how the patterns and colors work together.  Don’t be afraid to do that!

Which do you like the best?

Here is the RED collection. I love that the patterned pillows have a touch of Tiffany blue as well as the brown to tie my client's furniture together!


This is the GREEN collection. I love the ikat pattern on the middle pillow. It also has some brown which ties in the right pillow set.


Last, but not least, this is the ORANGE collection. The crewel pillow in the back is more traditional in design, but I love that it will add life and color to the room. The front pillow is made of cut felt. LOVE!


I love to mix up colors and pattern, but there are a few things to consider…

1. In each collection, there is one pillow that is predominately the main colour.

2. Each grouping has at least one geometric pattern. If you are scared that you have too much going on, find a stripe for one of your patterns. Stripes can be combined with almost anything.

3. Geometric patterns are more modern and floral patterns are more traditional. Ikat and damask type patterns can go either way depending upon what you pair them with.

4. Have fun and don’t be scared to step out and try something. It’s not a huge investment piece…we’re talking pillows and most of these in the pics about are $30 and less!