iPhone Cases for Men

Ok…we didn’t want to leave out our Sugarplumbrothas, so guys, this is for you.  I know that Scott, Laurel’s husband, and Jason, my husband, LOVE their iPhones just as much as we do.  They would never admit that they love them, but if you judge love by how much time you spend….it’s clear.

Here are our plum picks for iPhone cases for men…hey men need accessories too!

iPhone Cases for Men


I thought these were all pretty “geek chic” but I did pass them by Jason. He made me delete one so the rest of these are “Sugarplumbrotha” approved!

To be completely honest, though, Jason does NOT like to carry a case.  He prefers to keep his phone unencumbered and slim lined as he usually has it in his pocket.  For Valentines, I ordered him a customized skin from Fusion of Ideas called Stealth Armor.  It’s a damage resistant film that protects the phone.  I ordered him “Tungsten” from the Metal Series with  the “Brushed Aluminum” bezel.  The price with shipping was $41.50.  Check them out…there are THOUSANDS of options!

Tungsten protective skin from Stealth Armor by Fusion of Ideas