Colored Denim

Everywhere you look this spring there’s colored denim. This trend can seem a bit daunting….I’ve asked myself, “Am I too old for this?” Well, I’ve decided to jump in! I’m ready for some color after all of the black and gray of this past season! Here are a few of our fave colored jeans out there…

Colored Denim


There are a few “rules” that should be followed when wearing colored denim…

1.  You do have to be somewhat cautious with this trend or, as Laurel says, you could end up looking like a bowl of Skittles.  Maybe add a colourful scarf, but your top and shoes should be neutral.  I don’t agree with doing colour top to bottom unless you are say, in your 20’s or younger.

I love all of these looks, except Sarah Jessica Parker is doing TOO much color! Photo courtesy of


2. We prefer colored denim with a skinnier fit, not a boot cut leg. Cropped is good too as long a the opening is skinny. Rolled up with ballet flats is cute too!

These ladies all look so cute, except Kylie Minogue's (on the far right) jeans are too wide at the bottom! Photo courtesy of