Our Weekly Grind…

Ok…never EVER thought i’d be writing a post about this…but we had a friend suggest we post what our weekly workouts look like. So, i gotta admit, i’m nervous putting it out there…nervous because i do not consider myself to be a workout expert…far from it. But, i AM in the process of trying to get rid of some of the last 12 months of socializing, vacationing and just plain overindulging. I had noticed a pattern developing this past year: Happy “life is good” times linked with some of the really delectable gourmet food i was enjoying…we do need to be looking for blog material all the time yes? Hence, some really great meals!  Harder, more challenging times, on the other hand, have been coped all too often with food i’m not normally tempted by. Chips and gummy bears? And at midnight? Alas…it was time for an intervention!!

The past 6 weeks, have marked a time where the bad habits have needed to be broken and new ones formed! Challenging, yes..an ongoing process? Yes! But working towards a goal of being more healthy is the best thing…not just for me…but for my family as well.

So…here’s the lowdown on what I’m doing physically. And don’t kid yourselves…there’s a social benefit to some of it too!! Coffee twice a week with friends after our workouts is some of the best motivation out there!

Tuesdays: BOOTCAMP  Seven of us friends meet Tuesday mornings in Pam’s basement to get “worked” by Jocelyn! A grueling hour filled with burpees, pushups, jumping jacks, seal jumps, sit ups and oh so many  more fun and delightful exercises! This workout is what makes me walk funny on occasion and makes everyday routines, such as walking up the stairs, a painful task. But, it’s worth it..we do it all together…the faces we make at Jocelyn, as well as the exercises!

Jocelyn's famous lunges...10 minutes and counting

Thursdays: HIP HOP WORKOUT CLASS   Both Pam and I have been in Miss Mary-Anne’s hiphop class for the past 6+ years. Technically, i suppose we should be crumpin’, locking, popping and breaking..well,my knees and other body parts are doing some popping and locking but not in the way, i’d hope! Hey, we’re there for the workout..and it’s just plain fun. Being with your friends and dancing to LMFAO..where else can you do that???

Mary-Anne keeps us moving, even if she has to explain the choreography to us literally step by step, time and time again!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday– HOME WORKOUTS. I am focusing more on weights these days as the other two have alot of cardio! I do still start with 20 minutes on the Elliptical but then spend the rest of the time trying to get some definition on this non-defined body of mine!! Arm curls, leg lifts and squats (darn those squats!) are exercises that i’m currently enduring…i do love when Scott joins me. He gets the music pumping..actually thumping, and well, something just feels extremely healthy working out with your guy..ha!

4 more weeks til Spring Break… and i’m committed. How bout you? Tell us what keeps you moving…