Feelin the love…

Feelin’ the love would be an understatement! We are so grateful that we have friends/family who have embraced us and our moniker of  “the Sugarplum Sisters”.  All of your comments are so appreciated. The feedback is incredibly important to us and we value all the encouragement, the likes AND the dislikes. We want this site to be fun as well as beneficial to you all.

So, the question of the hour is… where’d the name come from? Love to take credit but we can’t. Who inspired us?? Our brother, Mark. He has often talked about different things that he could do in his life that would be his little “sugarplums”. The fun things, the risky things, the little “off the beaten path” stuff… When Pam and I started dreaming this website up, we threw out the name in gest…and it stuck! So, there you have it! Sugarplums are the fun, quirky, sought out treats that we are offering you!

We have also got some great feedback on things that people are interested  in us blogging about. Love it! Keep em coming. Just know that if you give Pam a challenge…she won’t let it go til she has an answer for you!

Some have asked what is in store. We’ve got tons in the hopper. Here are some we’re working on:

~our favorite fall nail color lineup

~ beautiful papergoods

~ how to choose your wood floor

~Dressing your “tween”

~our blog launch party

~best fall rainjackets

We’re also completing our takes on our favorite places to travel to: Chicago, New York, Huntington Beach, Dallas, and Thailand to name a few

Pillows on the bed are from Tonic Living. Shades, price upon request!

Look for guest bloggers weighing in on their favorites as well!

We’ll leave you with a picture from Pam’s newly constructed Master Bedroom…check out the pillows… you like?  (and you get to see my swanky new shades..what can I say?) They are from one of our favorite fabric sites, Tonic Living.

Look for our blog coming up featuring this great site..and a special discount they’ll be offering our readers.  Thanks one and all xo

  • Chelci

    Lovin the blog!! I even added it to my homepage on my iPhone so I can check it out all the time! I always think you two have awesome fashion and I love to hear about all the places you’ve been so lucky to travel to!!
    -your fave barista!

    • Pam

      Hi Chelci,
      Thanks for your comment!!! You keep the coffee coming and we’ll keep the posts coming :). See you soon!