Knowing a real treasure when you see it..

So we’ve told you that our goal is share our little treats, our “sugarplums” with you. And today is no different. Today we get to honor a friend that was truly a “find”. Our dear friend, Andrea, passed away unexpectedly this week. In moments, a woman so vibrant, so caring, so full of LIFE, breathed her last and left all those who knew her deeply saddened, but also reflective of how great she really was. We would love to post a picture of her, but true to her selfless spirit and always insisting on being the one behind the camera, there isn’t a picture to post.

But it will take more…much more than that for us to forget her. We remember her servant heart, her love for not only her children, but ours and countless others..we remember her joy at watching her children dance, and her calm nature. “It’ll all work itself out” was what she said all the time. And really, she was always right.

Andrea was the first person to come up to us and refer to us as the “Sugarplum Sisters”! Crazy…we didn’t even know that she knew about our
upcoming venture. She just was that type of person.

Simply put, we are gonna miss her like crazy..there’s no way around it. We honor her and her family. In our prayers and hearts…And, it puts things back in the right order…that foremost, we need to relish and value all of the treasures we have in friends and family..those are the best “sugarplums” out there.