July 29th, 2014

Printed Pajama Pants

Posted by Laurel

I dipped my toes into the pajama pant trend awhile back. And while i really like those pants and still wear them often, i think i’ve found pants within this trend that might just work better for me. Cut is everything right? Rule of thumb.


While these pants are still full and pajama-like, they are elasticized at the bottom. This bit of structure works to provide an end point to the fullness which gives a slimming effect.

A simple black tank in silk crepe de chine (read, beautifully airy) is the perfect top to pair with these easy flowing pants. Actually, one of the best purchases i’ve made this season…this tank goes with…well…everything! As the weather goes from hot to more cool, it will be a great piece to wear under blazers and sweater cardis.











A side note: While picking out this outfit, i offhandedly asked what the best type of bra was to wear under this tank. Because the fabric of the top is so drapey, i felt my regular bra would almost be too bulky. A super simple lace bra (sans cups) was suggested to me. I was a bit leery of it, but decided to give it a chance. Love it! I never worry about my bra showing because it manages to stay hidden. It doesn’t offer a ton of support, but hey, this is one time where my lack of endowment might actually work in my favour..TMI??? Maybe!


I have to say that i have to be careful not to overwear this outfit. It is so darn comfortable! It wears well for a more formal outfit when paired with heels and a blazer but can be dressed down as i have here with minimal accessories and flat sandals. Perfect for a warm summer’s night!

If you’re wanting to find yourself some deliciously comfortable and well fitting pajama pants, do yourself a favour and try on multiple pairs. Don’t give up after the first pair makes you look like you like you’re ready to jump on your magic carpet! There are a myriad to choose from and it all comes down to what works best on your body shape….keep trying!



Outfit Details:

Pants: Aritzia (same style but different pattern here)

Tank: Aritzia

Sandals: Tory Burch

Wristlet: Lloyd and Wolf

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July 28th, 2014

Sweet Start ~ Turks and Caicos Top 10

Posted by Pam


Berks and Lexi


Last week Lo shared some of her highlights from our extended family vacay in the Turks and Caicos.  I hope this isn’t overload, but I thought I’d share some of mine!  Here are my top 10….

1.  The water…I have never seen such crystal clear, clean, pristine turquoise water!  You seriously feel like you are living in a screen saver!!  When I looked out the window the first morning, I actually squealed like a little school girl!  Unreal!  And warm….the ocean was around 85 degrees.

2.  The people in the Turks were so incredibly friendly and accommodating.  We would call a restie to see if they could handle our group…17 of us…and it was never a problem.  The service in the restaurants was amazing!  You are on “island time” there so a wee bit of patience is sometimes necessary, but really, who’s on a tight schedule?

3.  Grandparents and grandies on the beach for photos at sunset….priceless!




4.  The food…one huge surprise was the amazing food we had.  Many restaurants are run by Canadian chefs who are really making waves…pardon the pun…on the food scene.




I had no idea that I would like red snapper ceviche…this dish from Somewhere was so fresh and delicious!  Even the pickled onions were made from scratch!

5.  Grace Bay…our resort was located on Grace Bay on the island of Providenciales, aka Provo.  Grace Bay is a 7 mile long beach of crystal clear water and white sand…ranked the #2 beach in the world on TripAdvisor.  There are no major currents or dangerous waves so it’s awesome for families…and for me for that matters!  I’ve never spent more time in the ocean!


Turks and Caicos1


6.  Snorkeling and Diving…our parents treated the gang to a snorkeling excursion.  We had a boat to ourselves and headed to a private island.  It was the top highlight for our kids of the entire trip.  The water was so clear so the visibility was outstanding.  We saw stingrays, barracudas, starfish, sand dollars, and colorful coral in amazing shapes and sizes.  I don’t dive, but Jason and Scott went on a dive and said it was one of their best.  Off shore is the third largest reef in the world. The visibility was awesome and they even swam with reef sharks….a highlight for them…and not so much for me!


Jason snorkeling


7.  Local haunts…through connecting with other bloggers on Instagram, Lo and I knew we had to hit Lemon 2 Go for our daily coffee fix.  We walked along the beach each morning for iced almond milk lattes…and they were good!  We loved the kitschy space they share with a flower shop and it was fun to check out the new floral and succulent arrangements each morning!  We also found From Scatch, a macaron maker, on the island from New York and she met us one morning and treated us to a box her chocolate macarons filled with ganache made with Guittard chocolate….yum!    Our hats are off to Annie to be able to make macarons in such a humid climate.


Turks treats


8.  It didn’t feel overly touristy…repeat visitors to the Turks told us this was the busiest they had seen it there, but we often looked down the beach and saw no one!!  So far there are no large chain hotels, and the resorts are low density.  Our condo building was just one unit deep, so there were always lounges available on the beach and at the pool.  Most resorts there are built right on the beach with pools pushed back to allow for awesome views from the rooms.  There is no cruise ship terminal on Provo, so the island is not teaming with tourists.  It’s still a bit of a secret….shhhhh…..

9.  Oh Canada!  There has been talk about Canada annexing the Turks and Caicos.  It’s been going on since 1917, but the conversation has recently come up again (see here).   Let’s not think, just do!

10. The sunsets…yes, I know sunset pics can be cliche, but watching the sun set as a flaming fireball into the Atlantic was breathtaking!




Well Turks and Caicos, it truly was dreamy and unforgettable….until we meet again!


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July 25th, 2014

Friday Find- Drugstore Buys

Posted by Laurel

Can you tell that Pam and i feel like we have entered a new phase of our life? We certainly talk more about skin care and beauty products and how they are worth splurging on. You do wear your face everyday! But lest you think we have no sense of keeping things reasonable we wanted to share our current favourite drugstore finds.  Not all of your beauty finds have to be splurge items! These ones are some of our favorites and best of all, you can pick them up at the drugstore!


hawaiian tropic6_edited-3

1. Oil of Olay Facial Hair Remover Duo – listen, no one wants to talk about this kinda stuff, but listen, hair on your head is good…elsewhere? Not so much! And let’s celebrate the fact that we can safely and successfully remove it! And without irritation due to the balm that you first apply. It’s gentle and it works. Also comes in different strengths for different types of hair.

2. Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion “Coconut Papaya” - i grabbed this at Target after almost tripping over a display set up on the end of aisle (marketing at its best!). Soon enough, i was addicted! Combines both ribbons of shea butter lotion and aloe vera. i LOVE it! It also smells so good! Grease-free and completely hydrating. My new favorite body lotion…

3. John Frieda Frizz Ease “Secret Weapon“- I rarely blow dry my hair in summer…and especially in humid weather. The frizz is pretty unsightly. This touch up cream is pretty awesome…just apply to the bottom third of your strands and it instantly provides smoothness and a shine. I won’t blowdry my hair without it.

4.Maybelline “Falsies” Mascara – i keep coming back to this one. I couldn’t even begin to count how many different mascara brands i’ve tried..from cheap to expensive and have found that the inexpensive Maybelline works the best in giving me longer lashes, without clumping and getting crunchy. I know everyone has an opinion on what mascara works the bests for them…but i just can’t justify spending a lot of money when this one does the job!

5. Lise Watier Feline Eyeshadow Quartet- the palette spans light to dark with 4 colors. The lightest color has an iridescence that makes it perfect to highlight as well. This palette was all i packed on our 3 week vacation. Everything i needed in a compact and pretty package. **

6. Tweezerman Contour Brush – branching out from tweezers, Tweezerman has created a line of makeup brushes. Given the option to try any of their brushes, i chose this one and have used it everyday since! The tip keeps its shape and works for more fine strokes while still working to apply your shadow to your full lid. Again, another perfect dual purpose tool for travel. **


**look for the Lisa Watier Feline Collection and Tweezerman makeup brushes to hit the shelves of London Drugs starting in August…they’re gonna be popular:)

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July 24th, 2014

Tween Style ~ Polka Dots and Denim Vests

Posted by Pam

Dyl and Nina 1


Our time in New York afforded us so many amazing photo ops.  We would be walking down a street and be like…whoaaa…stop….this is the most amazing backdrop!  This happened one night on our way to dinner.  I couldn’t resist the white buildings and the black wrought iron fence!  I asked Dylan and Nina to pose for a few pics and then realized they were both in polka dot bottoms and jean vests….it must be in the genes!


Dyl and Nina 3


I love how cute and age appropriate their outfits are.


Dyl and Nina 2


These two always seem to have fun!  They love life and embrace it!  And nothing like couzies being besties!


Outfit deets:

Polka Dot Skater Skirt:   Similar by Forever 21 here, at Nordstrom here, at Forever 21 Girls here, at Target here

Polka Dot Shorts:  J. Crew (on sale!), similar at Forever21 Girls here

Denim Vest:  Similar by Vince Camuto here, at Forever 21 Girls here, at Target here, at Privilege Clothing here

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July 23rd, 2014

My Turkish Delight

Posted by Laurel

Wow, has it already been a month since we’ve blogged? It was a much needed break from the routine and we had a wonderful time just being in the moment and spending time with our family without any of the regular constraints of being home.

Visiting the the Turks and Caicos was…well..almost surreal. It was beautiful….like we’re talking cray-cray beautiful. I couldn’t stop taking pictures because i kept looking around going, “Wha…???? Is this place real?” Indeed it was and i’d love to take you on a mini tour today, if you don’t mind, because i just know that you’re gonna want to add the Turks to your list of must-go vacations! Listen, they’ve been talking about making the Turks and Caicos a province of Canada. Ummm..what are they waiting for???

Quite simply, i loved the beauty, the food (shocker, hey?), the company and last, but def not least, the sunsets.

Colors took on a life of their own. Blues, a million shades of brilliant turquoise, royal blue, aqua, azure all at once…i have never seen such bold and pure blue! And sand the texture of icing sugar…glorious. It is the land where filters are not needed! Hope these pics sway you my way…








I can be a bit of a freak about my kids in the ocean…i don’t like that you can’t see the bottom when they’re out there. So this was the best of both worlds! Tons of fish to look at and super kid friendly…as this pic below shows…we’re out in the middle of the ocean close to a reef where our snorkeling excursion took us. With water this clear and calm, snorkeling was  breeze for the kids and less stressful for mom!


Bold red starfish dotted the turquoise waters. Loved having a close up look at these intricately and delicately formed creatures.


It will come as no surprise that both Pam and i searched for some great food..Caribbean style of course!  Fish tacos were in abundance…oh, they were speakin my language on that one! Conch, a local shellfish was also in plentiful supply…conch fritters, conch ceviche, conch tacos…every last variation i tried was delish!


This treat was termed “Banoffee”…if you’re thinking Banana, Toffee and Coffee Whipped Cream, you’re onto us!


And this coffee haunt is proof that it doesn’t matter how far away from home you might be, there’s always a kindred spirit in coffee to be found! This coffee shop became our morning ritual…we would wake up, throw on our beach coverups and walk along the ocean about 3 km for our morning java. Iced of course! Round trip, it was some great exercise to start off our day!


Eating on the beach on July 4th, which coincidentally is also Scott’s and our nephew, Griffin’s birthday, was a huge highlight. Toes dug into the cool sand, sipping crisp white wine and indulging on seafood paella is pretty memorable…add in the sunset and well, it was a family moment i wish i could have pushed pause on for a long while!


Euro style even in the Caribbean…seriously, our nephew has got it goin on!






When in Rome, right?  White attire for beach photos is pretty much a give-in… so thankful that we were able to travel as an entire family!  The kids thought staying with Grammy and Pappa was pretty fun too!


The sunsets were beautiful. The setting of the sun didn’t mean it was time to grab your sweater. We spent the time eating, taking pics and even taking sunset swims…the warmth was a little less intense than daytime but still without a hint of a chill. We weren’t cold…not once! My sweaters took up precious space in my luggage…next time i’ll be a bit wiser…


Until next time Turks…we WILL be back… who’s comin?




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